Whenever you are planning a trip to Mbombela, the more information you have about our town the better your stay will be. Many people who visit Mbombela don’t really know why our city is so predominantly on the map. Once, Mbombela was just a small town best known as the place to stock up before heading off on a Kruger Park safari, but today it is a busy town with much to offer.

When you’ve planned your stay in Mbombela, and you’ve booked your Mbombela accommodation, you might feel that there is some information that you are lacking. We’ve scoured the internet and sourced the questions that many people are asking about our city, and answered them in this blog.

  1. What is Mbombela best known for?

Mbombela has an interesting history, one that goes beyond the best known aspect of its past. The town that was once called Nelspruit, was initially named after the Nel Brothers who’d bring their cattle to the grassy plains during the winter months. Many years after that, town was officially founded in 1905 and became the important halfway mark between the port at Maputo and the busy business cities of Pretoria and Johannesburg.

In 2009, Nelspruit was renamed Mbombela.

  1. How far is Pretoria from Mbombela?

Planning to visit Mbombela from Pretoria and you don’t know the distance? Allow us to fill you in! The distance between the 2 cities is 319.15km and if you are driving at a speed of 110km/p, and the weather conditions are good, you can arrive in Mbombela after a 3 hour drive.

  1. How old is Mbombela?

It is difficult to say exactly how old Mbombela is. One way that the age of the town has been determined is by looking at the history of the railway line that runs through from Maputo to Johannesburg. It took about a year for the rail line to reach Mbombela from Maputo, in 1892, and this line continued to be built, linking numerous towns and opening up trade. But to answer the question, Mbombela as a town is about 100 years old.

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4. How big is Mbombela?

Mbombela is about 72.63 square kilometres, and with every passing year, the city grows in size. You can get to just about any part of the city within 15 minutes, and even in peak time traffic, you are likely to never be more than half an hour late.

5. Does Mbombela have an airport?

The city has two airports. The smaller airport, Nelspruit Airport, which was once the city’s only airport, is now used as a place for amateur pilots and smaller aircraft. Each year it also plays host to the Lowveld Airshow. An international airport has been built in recent years. The Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport is a 30 minute drive away from the town and it offers flights to destinations all over the country.

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