Travelling for business, whether it is something that you are doing every week or only every other month, means choosing the kind of accommodation that doesn’t just become your home away from home but which also becomes your office away from your work place. Luckily, since there are so many business accommodation options available, you can quite easily find the best place to stay once you have read through our list.

At Mbombela Lodge we welcome business travellers just about every day. We have grown to become the preferred Mbombela business accommodation facility and we have all the things business travellers could need in order to enjoy the best kind of stay.

Since we have welcomed so many business people over the years, we know what it is that our business travellers need.

  1. A good, central location

Central location is great for both business travellers and holiday makers alike. The importance of a good location has a lot to do with getting to and from wherever it is that you are working or having your business meetings. You’ll never be late for work when you are staying in a central location and it becomes even more important when you’re not familiar with the town you are staying in.

  1. More than a place to sleep

When you are a business traveller, you don’t just need a place to rest and get clean after a long day of work or meetings. You also need a space that can become an extension of your office.

In order to have an office space, you should look for accommodation that has Wi-Fi (or some kind of internet connectivity), a landline, and perhaps a desk. Since your room will double as a place to work, you should make sure that the room you hire has enough space, so that you don’t feel cramped.

  1. Good Prices

Travelling on business is not a luxury getaway. Instead, you are usually travelling on a rather tight budget and this means you need to make sure that your money goes far enough to ensure that you get everything you need.

It is important to not just go with the cheapest accommodation you can find, because cheap accommodation could mean no space, an uncomfortable mattress, and unsuitable web connections.

  1. Meals and Coffee Included

Having the option of breakfast and/or dinner included, and having tea and coffee in your bedroom or nearby, will make your stay a more enjoyable and far less stressed one. Instead of having to run around looking for a meal and drinks, you can start your day relaxed. Not having to prepare your meals also means you have more time to get to where you need to be.

  1. Laundromat

If you are staying in town for a few days, you will need to have your clothing washed. It is a good idea to find out if you can have your clothing washed at the lodge, or if you are able to get your clothing washed at a nearby Laundromat. This service will take a load off of your shoulders, and ensure that you look great every day, even when you are away from home.