When you choose Mbombela Lodge as your accommodation in Nelspruit, you are soon going to find that there are plenty of activities to be enjoyed while here. And while you could choose the usual restaurant and shop hopping, we highly recommend making the most of your time here by getting outdoors.

And the first place you should go is up the mountain to Kaapsehoop!

There is a lot that you can get up to when you visit this beautiful mountain town, and most of those activities are laid back and relaxed. But if you are looking to get your heart pumping, you should book an action packed few hours with Kaapsehoop Scootours.

Using a concept that was developed in Switzerland, Scootours takes guests through the Kaapsehoop forests on a trail full of bumps, twists, turns and the most beautiful sights which can only be seen from this trail. The trail is traversed on a scooter built for this one specific purpose. At first, you might be a little uneasy, it’s a whole new experience and you can keep feeling a little unsteady on your feet, or rather, on your wheels.

But once you are away, you’ll find that it is far easier than you thought. And then the fun can begin!

Down Through the Forests

The Lowveld is truly blessed in terms of natural beauty. We have both natural and manmade forests and both are equally beautiful. The Scootours trail will take you through 6km of plantations, as you travel down towards a gorge that was previously hidden from the public. You’ll stop at the edge and enjoy the exquisite views of the rocky gorge and the stream that bubbles below.

Before you start worrying about not being able to navigate a scooter, know this, these scooters are made to be easy and safe to use. As long as you have some experience on a bicycle, you should easily be able to balance yourself and stay upright. The tyres are capable of handling the rugged terrain and take you on a whirlwind adventure.

All in all, the Kaapsehoop Scootours offer one of the best ways to experience this side of the world. Rather than walking around, you’ll be zipping across the landscape, stopping occasionally to see unique rock formations and take a breather while looking out from various points.

And you can experience this adventure before returning to our Mbombela accommodation and a cooling dip in the pool. Be sure to book your stay today!