The Bomb City some like to call it, the rest of us call it Mbombela, Nelspruit or Nelsparta, but regardless of what you call the city and no matter what you have read, you probably only know the common facts about our bustling town.

Mbombela is no doubt a city on the rise, but we still have our eccentricities and our potholes. Our city is the place to get things done, it is hardly a tourist hotspot, and so generally it attracts those passing through as well as those coming to town on business. But it doesn’t matter what has drawn you to our miniature metropolis, the fact is that you are here now, and there are some things you should know.

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  1. We are considered by many to have the most beautiful town

And those who believe this are probably talking about our gorgeous mountains, vibrantly coloured trees and flowers and our unbelievably beautiful sunsets. The town itself has been referred to by at least one travel site as “dilapidated” and sadly, this is somewhat true. The buildings in some places look unsightly and the roads are a patchwork of tar. But there is something beautiful about this place, which is probably why it seems as though half of Gauteng now lives here!

  1. We have a history

We are far from the oldest town in the area, but we do have a history that dates back to the 1800’s when all that was here was a farm. Nearby Barberton was actually the main town back then, as it was producing gold and attracting numerous prospectors. At this time, Mbombela was more of a place where those passing through could stock up on necessities.

  1. Our drivers

Once you’ve driven around town a few times, need we say more about our drivers? Although we’re sure that most people are well aware of the rules, it seems as those most drivers have conveniently forgotten how to safely navigate the roads. Make sure that while you are here you drive defensively and always keep your eyes open. Remember, when driving in our town, you are not just driving for yourself.

  1. We have fantastic weather

Winters in the Lowveld are wonderfully warm and we never get frost or snow. In fact, the temperatures rarely drop below the 18 degree mark. The sun is also pretty much always shining, summer and winter, and those who visit during this time of the year can spend plenty of time outdoors. Our summers are humid and it can get quite intense but many of the days end with thunderstorms or rain showers which does take the edge off the heat. Although the summers are hot and long, we wouldn’t trade them for the world.

  1. We have small town values

But we don’t have small town mentality. When compared to the far bigger cities of Pretoria and Johannesburg, our town has a pretty lovely laid back atmosphere and loads of places to enjoy a few fun outdoor activities. We know when to work hard but we also know when to kick back and relax.

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