Your Mbombela accommodation is booked. Your stay in the town has been kind of planned. And now you are looking for some nightlife to get a real feel of our ever growing town. We have the list of must visit places for you!

Ask anyone and they’ll probably tell you that although Mbombela is on the up, our nightlight has never really been all that exciting. We don’t have much of a theatrical scene or weekend events, but when the days warm up, the locals head outdoors, especially after work in the evening. There are quite a few places where you can go to experience the nightlife, and most are at restaurants. So here is our list of wonderful places to unwind when the sun goes down.

Mbombela lodge attractionsMbombela lodge attractions
  1. The Jock

The most laidback place in town, The Jock is a well-known pub and grill. The outdoor vibe, with that cool evening breeze, makes it the best place to visit during the summer. The pub offers an amazing menu, with the meals being hearty and well-priced. Friday and Saturday nights often mean dancing but the rest of the weeknights are rather quiet and relaxed.

  1. The Pub

Small, traditional, capable of giving you a great time, The Pub is cosy and the go to place for live music and great food! Located close to The Jock, patrons become family and are treated to a homely atmosphere that guarantees relaxation. Food and drinks are reasonably priced and The Pub is a good place to mingle amongst the locals.

  1. Picasso’s

In the mood for something a little more upmarket? You’ll have to travel to the town of White River, a short 30 minute drive from Mbombela. Picasso’s is a Mexican eatery where you will find the best food in town. The menu is versatile and exciting and the restaurant has an outdoor seating area as well as indoor places to sit. The overall design of the restaurant will make you feel as though you are sitting in Mexico City. And for all of the great design and delicious food, you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank. Both the food and drinks are really well-priced.

  1. Gum Trees

If you are planning to visit White River anyway, Gum Trees is a must! With a thumping night vibe along with a relaxed day atmosphere, you can’t go wrong when choosing Gum Trees. The outdoor dining area is below towering Blue Gum Trees, that sway in the wind and the rustling sound of leaves adds to the ambience.

There is a lot to see and experience when you are staying in Mbombela. And our stylish Mbombela accommodation is the perfect place to retire to after an exciting night out.