Self-catering accommodation is becoming an incredibly popular choice for travellers looking to travel on their own terms. Mbombela Lodge is one of Mbombela’s most affordable and comfortable lodges.

Offering guests an array of accommodation options, each of which is kitted out with all of the basic amenities you could possibly want or expect, our Mbombela accommodation is ideal for those travellers who are looking for a way to be more independent while in the town.

We recently renovated our accommodation to make sure that our guests enjoy the best possible place to rest their heads after an exciting, tiring day of meetings, travels and exploring.

Along with a selection of self-catering accommodation, we also have more luxurious lodgings and a restaurant on the property where guests can sit down to a meal prepared by our talented chef. We also have a pool on the property where guests can cool off in the summer, and other facilities that you can use in order to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible.


The Benefits of Self-Catering Accommodation in Mbombela

As with all types of accommodation, there are the pros and there are the cons. The same can be said about self-catering accommodation.

These are just a handful of the benefits that you can look forward to when you choose our self-catering accommodation in Mbombela.

  • Plan your meals, on your own time

Instead of being confined to the limits of specific times to have your meals, when you stay in self-catered accommodation, you can plan your own meals and the time at which you’d like to eat. Your more luxurious accommodation doesn’t always let you have this option.

  • There is that affordability factor

Price plays a huge role when it comes to selecting your accommodation, especially if you are travelling on a budget. That being said, it is important that you make sure that the self-catering accommodation you chose is not on the upper end. When on the look for accommodation, you need to double check the type of self-catering you are looking at.

  • Freedom

Instead of choosing a pre-packaged holiday with accommodation included, you will have more freedom if you select a holiday that allows you to choose where you stay and what you choose to do. Before booking, make sure that you don’t choose a pre-packaged trip.

  • You will have flexibility

When you stay in self-catered accommodation, you can choose when you come and when you go. Depending on where you stay, you will not have to let someone know whenever you are coming or going. This flexibility can help to make sure that your stay is more laidback and comfortable.

A Note on Sanitation

Mbombela Lodge is committed to making sure that our guests are always protected. Well before the COVID-19 outbreak forced everyone to rethink their personal hygiene, we were making sure that our accommodation and facilities were fully cleaned and sanitised on a daily basis.

And we continue to use the very best sanitising products and cleaning procedures to ensure that Mbombela Lodge remains safe from COVID-19 and any other potentially dangerous pathogens.